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The name of this sake "Hito to Ki to Hitotoki" means "Man, Wood and a Moment".

Sake was traditionally brewed in wooden barrels. Nowadays sake breweries use tanks in stainless steel. The brewer (Imayotsukasa) wanted to make a blink to the past and obtain a truly traditional sake. Do not expect a woody sake but a very delicate balance between umami and nutty crispness.

The label is made of special paper (Pachica) and refers to cedar wood.

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Additional information

Brewery: Imayotsukasa (Niigata, Niigata)
Type: Junmai
Rice: 100% Gohyakumangoku
Polishing Ratio: 65%
Alcohol: 15%
Content: 720ml
Serve temperature: 8-12°C
Goes well with: Carpaggio, white meat

* Delivered in its individual cardboard box.

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